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A Brand for the Future

Our new identity reflects the expanding role of medical illustrators and animators in science communication. The future is bright — illuminating the science of life.

Annual Meeting

Join Us —July 22-25 for the AMI 2015 conference in Cleveland, Ohio. Don’t miss this innovative program of visual science stories & media technology.
IMAMI Hengst

Member Rewards

Meet Tim Hengst, AMI Lifetime Achievement Award winner.  "I love all aspects of art," Tim says. "Science is a real right-brain phenomenon, while art is a left-brain phenomenon."
AMIsalonWinners AXSstudios

Salon Exhibit Winners

Announcing the winners of the AMI 2014 Salon Exhibit. Visual storytelling to illuminate medical discoveries and empower patient health—this is what the AMI Salon Exhibit is all about.

AMI in the News

Medical illustrators change lives everyday. “All the doctors and surgeons love medical illustrators because we taught them through books ... we bring light to their research.”

Journal of Biocommunication |

Peer-reviewed scholarship in visual media for life science

Current Issue

Documenting Diversity II; Bringing the Studio into the Field for The Madrean Archipelago Biodiversity Assessment
Charles Hedgcock

Producing a 3D Animation on Concussions
Paul F. Kelly, Doug Richards, Nicholas Woolridge and Anne M. Agur

The Imaginative Work of Steven J. Harrison

2014 Literary Award. We are pleased to announce the recipients of this year's literary award are Jodie Jenkinson and Gael McGill for their article: "Using 3D Animation in Biology Education: Examining the Effects of Visual Complexity in the Representation of Dynamic Molecular Events"

Open Access. We are excited to announce that the JBC will soon be Open Access. Open Access means that scholarly articles published in the JBC will be freely available to read, download and share–and that means that the innovative research done by our contributors will get greater exposure, reaching not only members of the ABCD, AMI, and BCA, but potential collaborators in the scientific, educational, medical, business, and other communities with whom we work. We are continuing to work out the details, paying close attention to intellectual property rights and other issues that are important to our members. Stay tuned for updates!

Physicians, lawyers, and plumbers are board certified, what about you?

Certification is endorsed by the AMI to encourage lifelong learning and to measure professional competency for illustrators and employers. Similar to specialty certification for physicans, the competency evaluation consists of a written test and portfolio review.

Certification matters!

Learn more

"Being board certified helped me attain the professional stature and become a trusted partner with lawyers to prepare both strategy and courtroom visuals."
Sue Seif—


"I work with highly trained science educators from many backgrounds. Board certification demonstrates that I have the contemporary skills and knowledge to develop informed illustrations and animations as part of the team."
Fabian de Kok-Mercado—


Reservation Deadline Sept 19 for No. 28

We offer a comprehensive print + web marketing program that maximizes your opportunities to reach creative buyers in science and healthcare industries around the globe. In Print, Online and through Social Media, let us help you find new clients and grow your business. Published by the AMI and Serbin Communications, the Source Book is where you should be if you are looking for work in this market. Reserve your page today! Call 800-876-6425.

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Mark your calendar #TEDMED2014 live streaming test Tuesday, Aug 26th!

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