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Four historical presentations: Breakthrough - Championship Living in a Computer Age.

Journal of Biocommunications 45-2

JBC 45-2, features four historical presentations of Dr. Richard Byrne called, Breakthrough - Championship Living in a Computer Age.
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Intro to #AMIdiversity

Introduction to AMI Diversity Committee's February & March Diversity Awareness Campaign

2022 Meeting In Des Moines Iowa

AMI 2022 Annual Meeting

Join us in Des Moines, IA this July on the 20th-23rd of 2022 for our Annual Meeting! Registration is now open.
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Medical and Scientific Visualization of

Medical Illustrators across America and around the world are helping in the fight against COVID-19.
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Find A Medical Illustrator

What is a Medical Illustrator? What do they do? Learn the answers to these questions and find a Medical Illustrator here.

Only two weeks remain to secure Early Bird registration rates for #AMI2022! Make plans to attend the AMI 2022 Annua… https://t.co/zRfD0I17VP

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Bill Westwood, the founder of Westwood Medical Communications has designed a unique presentation to describe his pe… https://t.co/DSAkTrTFKo

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Have you registered for #AMI2022 yet? This year's speaker line-up is better than ever, and we have plenty of incre… https://t.co/m46JTsGLzc

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Journal of Biocommunication



JBC 45-2, 2021 features four historical presentations of Dr. Richard Byrne called, Breakthrough - Championship Living in a Computer Age.

The issue also features award winners from the AMI2021 Salon and a special Memorial Showcase and Remembrances of Craig Gosling. All articles are free to read!

Call for papers — submit today
JBC 45-1

Sourcebook & Online Marketing


Complete marketing for biomedical, life science and natural science artists

The Medical Illustration & Animation marketing program maximizes your reach to creative buyers. Produced by Serbin Creative for the AMI, this annual publication and companion Medillsb.com website are where you should be if you are looking for work in the science and healthcare market. Reserve your space in the 2021 program today!

Advertising Info: Join.Medillsb.com
View Portfolio Site: Medillsb.com
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Email: [email protected]
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Sourcebook 2019

Board Certification

Physicians, lawyers, and plumbers are board certified, what about you?

Certification is endorsed by the AMI to encourage lifelong learning and to measure professional competency for illustrators and employers. Similar to specialty certification for physicans, the competency evaluation consists of a written test and portfolio review.

Certification matters!

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CMI Aoki

"With board certification, I'm able to leverage the trust of new animation clients. Reciprocally, those clients feel confident in promoting me as part of their roster when pitching to their clients or investors."
Shizuka Aoki, CMI—www.biorender.com


"I work with highly trained science educators from many backgrounds. Board certification demonstrates that I have the contemporary skills and knowledge to develop informed illustrations and animations as part of the team."
Fabian de Kok-Mercado, CMI—HHMI.org