The designation of Fellow is a formal recognition of those AMI members who have generously contributed their skill, time, and effort to the Association by performing volunteer service. The purpose of the AMI's Fellow Program is to both recognize and encourage such volunteer participation in the activities of the Association.

Increased member participation results in a greater exchange of ideas and information, and ultimately benefits the entire membership. Member involvement with AMI leadership, professional committees, the Journal of Biocommunication, and annual meeting events helps insure that the AMI will continue to be a successful and growing professional association.

Fellow of the AMI (FAMI) is among the most distinguished honors bestowed by our Association. Being inducted as a Fellow is contingent upon attaining a minimum of 1000 Fellow points, and having faithfully served the Association. Each inducted Fellow receives a gold Fellow pin and a Fellow certificate from AMI's President and Chair of the Board.

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Fabian de Kok-Mercado
Kevin Millar
Daniel C. Müller
Ian Suk


Nicholas Woolridge
Scott Weldon


David Cheney
Wendy Jackelow
Anneliese Lilienthal
Lori Messenger


Jodie Jenkinson
Cassio Lynm
Shelley Wall


Karen Bucher
Alison Burke
John Dorn
Graham Johnson
Joanne Haderer Muller


Amanda Behr
David Ehlert
Lydia Gregg
Tami Tolpa


Richard Gersony
Stephen Mader
Dave Mazierski
Cory Sandone
Joan Tycko
Ed Zilberts


Robert Morreale
John Daugherty
John Harvey


Todd Buck
Wendy Hiller Gee
Jill Rhead
Andrew Swift


Ethan Geehr
Tonya Hines
Mary Jordan
Bob Shepherd
Catherine Twomey


Marie T. Dauenheimer
Jill K. Gregory
John J. Martini


Amy P. Collins
Jennifer E. Fairman
Carolyn R. Holmes
Gene N. Wright


Christy Krames
Pamela C. Little
James A. Perkins


Margie Caldwell-Gill
Chris Gralapp
Wayne E. Heim
Kathleen I. Jung
Mark Lefkowitz
Linda Wilson-Pauwels


David A. Tilden


R. Michael Belknap


William C. Andrea
Carrie L. DiLorenzo
Richard C. Hall
Michael P. Schenk


David A. Rini
Herbert R. Smith, Jr.


Anne Altemus
Carmella Clifford Fifty
Keith Kasnot


Paul R. Gross
Fredric M. Harwin
Margot B. Mackay


Deborah K. Haines
Nicholas E. Mackovak
Christine D. Young


David J. Mascaro
Thomas H. Weinzerl


Scott Bodell
Samuel K. Collins
Peg Gerrity
Michael E. Leonard
John A. Nyquist
Linda A. Warren


Charles H. Boyter
Kip Carter
Winifred J. Hamilton
Patrick J. Lynch
Kevin A. Somerville
Pat Thomas
Cynthia Turner


(no Fellows)


Lewis E. Calver
William M. Holmes
Rusty Jones
Stephen G. Moon
Gary W. Schnitz


Alan E. Branigan
Delilah R. Cohn
Marcia Hartsock
Timothy H. Phelps
Karen L. Waldo
Charlotte A. Bauer


Edmond Alexander
Mark Eppinger
Paul Zuckerman


Brent A. Bauer
Carol Donner
William Winn


William Andrews
Charles F. Bridgman
Bill J. Briggs
May S. Cheney
Steven P. Gigliotti
Gwynne M. Gloege
Craig G. Gosling
Jane Hurd
Alice A. Katz
David M. Pounds


Algernon R. Allen
Scott T. Barrows
Ernest W. Beck
Joan Beck
Donald E. Biggerstaff
Margaret C. Brudon
William L. Brudon
Alan W. Cole
Ranice W. Crosby
Robert J. Demarest
Melford D. Diedrick
Marsha Dohrmann
Russel L. Drake
Martin Finch
Octavia Garlington
Harry A. Germagian
William P. Hamilton IV
Neil O. Hardy
Steven J. Harrison
Timothy C. Hengst
Gerald P. Hodge
Charlotte S. Holt
Emil W. Hospodar
Joel Ito
John W. Karapelou
Beverly A. Kessler
Denis C. Lee
Gary P. Lees
George C. Lynch
Mary Maciel
Teri J. McDermott
Diane L. Nelson
Betsy A. Palay
Nelva B. Richardson
Elizabeth M. Roselius
Laurel V. Schaubert
William R. Schwarz
Sue Seif
Maurice G. Sherrard
Thomas D. Sims
Perrin Sparks
Thomas A. Stebbins
William J. Stenstrom
Eleanor A. Sweezey
Edith Tagrin
Ruth C. Wakerlin
William B. Westwood
David J. Williams
Jean E. Wolfe
Phyllis Wood