The purpose of the Lifetime Achievement Award is to acknowledge and honor a medical illustrator who has been a Professional AMI Member for at least 30 continuous years, and whose life, work and accomplishments have significantly contributed to the profession and fellow illustrators.

This award is the highest honor bestowed by the AMI to an individual, reaching beyond the service awards and the list of charter and distinguished members, to recognize a special person who has enriched our lives and influenced our ideals.

2014 LifetimeWinners

2023 Lifetime Achievement Award Brochure

Current and Past Recipients: 

2023 Timothy H. Phelps

2022 John Daugherty

2021 Linda Wilson-Pauwels

2019 Cynthia Turner

2018 William Andrews

2017 Sue Seif

2016 Christine Young

2015 Marcia Hartsock

2014 Gary Schnitz

2013 Timothy Hengst

2012 Steve Harrison

2011 Robert Benassi

2010 Bill Westwood

2009 Bill Brudon and Ruth Wakerlin

2008 Jane Hurd

2007 Martin E. Finch

2006 Victor Doray

2005 Alice Katz

2004 Don Biggerstaff

2003 Gary P. Lees

2002 Craig Gosling

2001 Edith Tagrin

2000 Carol Donner

1999 Herb R. Smith

1998 Eleanor A. Sweezey

1997 Neil O. Hardy

1996 Margaret Croup

1995 Laurel V. Schaubert

1994 William J. Stenstrom

1993 Melford D. Diedrick

1992 George C. Lynch

1991 Ernest W. Beck

1990 Leon Schlossberg

1989 Robert J. Demarest

1988 Gerald P. Hodge

1987 Ranice W. Crosby

1986 Russell L. Drake