2020: A Virtual Webinar Series

AMI2020AMI's 75th Annual Conference was the AMI's first completly virtual annual meeting.While we were disappointed that an in-person meeting could not be offered, we were excited to expand our reach globally and provide topical sessions and networking sessions that provided a new opportunity to learn and network with your peers. The 2020 meeting covered general educational sessions on art, diversity, applied science; new techniques during showcase sessions, a First Timer’s workshops for new members to learn more about the AMI, roundtable networking session, and AMI’s Annual Business Meeting and presidential address.

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2019: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

AMI2019AMI's 74rd Annual Conference was hosted in Milwaukee, WI, on the shores of Lake Michigan and may be best known for its breweries, beer, and baseball (Brewers) but the city had much more to offer! Paleontologist-archaeologist Paul Sereno delivered an engaging talk on the many ways he and his team visualize fossils and artifacts - from refilling ancient lakes in field sites in the Sahara to reconstructing skeletons and flesh models and making them move. David Goodsell provided experimental information from microscopy, structural biologo, and bioinformatics and how it is combined to create structural models fo entire cells with molecular detail. We were also inspired by all the speakers in full program that included sessions focusing on science, business and marketing, diversity, design and UX, as well as future directions for the field.

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2018: Newton, Massachusetts

AMI2018AMI's 73rd Annual Conference was hosted in Newton, MA, on the banks of the Charles River. Prominent Boston-area speakers such as Jeffrey M. Drazen, MD and Eric Klopfer, PhD talked to us about high-quality data and educational games. Katrina van Grouw gave us a glimpse into her fascinating world of specimen preparation and unique zoological art. We were also inspired by all the speakers in full program that included sessions focusing on science, business and marketing, diversity, design and UX, as well as future directions for the field.

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2017: Austin, Texas

AMI2017AMI's 72nd Annual Conference was hosted on the campus of University of Texas at Austin! Speakers such as creature designer Terryl Whitlatch and bat conservationist Merlin Tuttle, PhD inspired us and got the creativity flowing.

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2016: Atlanta, Georgia

AMI2015AMI's 71st Annual Conference was hosted in Atlanta and was a meeting to remember! Speakers such as Eyewire and Street Anatomy took us to the frontiers of medical research, social media, and digital art that got our neurons firing and creativity flowing.

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2015: Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio

AMI2015AMI's 70th Annual Conference was hosted in Cleveland and once again celebrated the creativity and talents of medical illustrators!  The conference offered a diverse program with a breadth of content that included science, human anatomy, business, technology, and broad-based issues facing the world of image creators in heathcare.

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2014: Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

AMI2014The 69th Annual Conference kicked off with a joint AMI Salon and BCA BioImages opening. The conference, held at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, was dynamic and exciting as we introduced a new vigorously-paced schedule modeled after the popular TED series. Just a few of the featured topics included écorché modeling, mobile technology, and 3D medical imaging.

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2013: Fusion: Salt Lake City, Utah

logo2013fusionThe 68th Annual Meeting of the Association of Medical Illustrators celebrated our role as premier medical communicators. We explored new scientific discoveries, cutting-edge media, and the latest in graphics techniques.

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2012: Illuminate: Toronto, Ontario

logo2012.gifFor our 67th annual meeting, the Association of Medical Illustrators returned to Toronto! The conference focused on our unique ability to illuminate complex issues, with a robust program of world-class speakers. Their presentations described the many facets of our growing and ever-changing profession, while demonstrating the continuing importance of visual communication in the biomedical sciences.

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2011: Monumental: Baltimore, MD

logo2011.jpgFor our 66th annual meeting, the Association of Medical Illustrators returned to Baltimore! The AMI has held three superb meetings there, but our 4th was something special as we celebrated the 100th anniversary of our profession in its North American birthplace.

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2010: Branching Out, Always Growing: Portland, OR

logo2010.jpgOur "Branching Out" theme fits the verdant venue, and also describes the wonderful turns our profession is taking. AMI members continue to display the diversity; ingenuity, adaptability and that keep us competitive yet collegial. We are constantly evolving our skill sets to suit our new markets, and exciting new business models are emerging. Our impulse to exchange ideas, techniques and strategies keeps our organization vital and growing in many ways, from root to leafy twig!

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2009: Tradition and Transition: Richmond, VA

logo2009.jpgThe 2009 AMI meeting's theme, Tradition and Transition, reflected the most positive thing about change: incorporating the best of the past into the best of the future. Taking the old and making it new again, repurposing for the better yet still respecting the inherent value of the original. Attendees enjoyed dozens of attractions including The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Science Museum of Virginia, the Children's Museum of Richmond, the Virginia Aviation Museum, the Richmond International Raceway, Belle Isle, and Maymont Park and Zoo.

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2008: Accelerate Your Career: Indianapolis, IN

There's energy in Indianapolis!
Energy was the buzzword of the 63rd annual AMI meeting held in Indianapolis, Indiana in July 2008. The elegant University Place Hotel and Conference Center was the venue for a meeting with a speed and energy theme, illustrated by the custom heart-themed Harley motorcycle designed by two AMI members and summed up in the motto: Come accelerate your career!

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2007: BIG SKY: Bozeman, Montana

While the superb offerings of the AMI annual meeting are typically enticing in their own right, the July 2007 event in Bozeman, Montana was a rare and special delight! Bozeman, nestled in the eastern side of the Rockies near Yellowstone National Park, was the ideal small college town setting for our 62nd meeting held on the campus of Montanta State University. This meeting co-located with the GNSI meeting, providing additional opportunities for both groups.

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2006: reDISCOVER Boston

Boston was an annual meeting of unparalleled adventure and discovery. The city of world-class medical centers, cutting edge biotechnology companies, innovative high tech companies and educational institutions that employ the most brilliant and creative minds was location for our 61st annual meeting. The elegant and stylish Boston Marriott Cambridge, located adjacent to the MIT campus, was the venue for this exciting, energetic meeting.

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