Images in this gallery represent some of the award-winning pieces exhibited in the most recent annual AMI Salon. We hope it gives you a sense of what an extraordinary exhibit our annual Salon is! The full list of the salon award winners is below.

All AMI members may exhibit work as Professional members or as Student members. The entries are divided into categories such as instructional, editorial, and advertising, etc. A full listing and descriptions of the categories is available here.  Please enjoy these online galleries.

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Member's Choice Award
Cynthia Turner Flora Ralph Sweet Award
Amy Zhong Blepharoplasty Teacher Ralph Sweet Award
XVIVO Scientific Animation Dental Biofilm, Dysbiosis & Disease New Media
Didactic/Instructional: Non-Commercial
Ryan Kissinger The Physiology of a Mosquito Bite Award of Merit
Natalie Koscal Autologous Complete Tracheal Replacement in a 12-Year-Old Girl Award of Merit
Amy Zhong Blepharoplasty Teacher Award of Excellence
Didactic/Instructional: Commercial
Amy D'Camp Duodenal Ulcers and Surrounding Anatomy Award of Merit
Kari Opert External ventricular drainage device Award of Merit
AXS Studio Inc. Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP) Poster Brochure Award of Merit
Satyen Tripathi Real. Genuine. Heart. Award of Merit
Peter Lawrence Controversies in Skull Base Surgery Award of Excellence
Ian Suk Pulsatile Glymphatic Transport Award of Excellence
Advertising and Marketing/Promotional
Wayne Heim Spine Augmentation for Treatment of Scoliosis Award of Merit
1-mu studio Metaphoric Overview of Venous Disease and Therapeutic Strategies Award of Excellence
Cynthia Turner Flora Award of Excellence
Jennifer Darcy John Doe’s Left Hand Amputation and Crush Injuries Award of Excellence
Jennifer Darcy Mechanism of Injury and Resulting Right Leg Crush Injuries Award of Merit
Artery Studios Inc. Robotic-assisted partial nephrectomy surgery – John Doe Award of Merit
Philip Mattes Chemical Neurolysis Versus Radiofrequency Ablation of the Intercostal Nerve Award of Merit
Illustrated Text (Traditionally Printed Book)
Levent Efe Facial Volumization - An anatomic approach Award of Merit
Yana Hammond A Patient's Guide to Bladder Cancer Award of Excellence
Heidi Richter Hockey Anatomy Award of Excellence
Animation: Didactic/Instructional – Non-Commercial 
Lydia Gregg Lyme Disease: Infection, Immune System Evasion & Progression Award of Excellence
Paul Kelly Whipple procedure with multivisceral resections and vascular reconstruction Award of Merit
Tziporah Thompson About Your Transsphenoidal Surgery Award of Merit
Animation: Didactic/Instructional – Commercial
Nucleus Medical Media Enabling Delivery of Life Changing Medicines Award of Merit
INVIVO Communications Wet AMD: Mechanism of Disease Animation Award of Merit
INVIVO Communications Immunotherapy Patient Animation Award of Merit
INVIVO Communications Brentuximab Vedotin-Nivolumab (BV-Nivo) MOA Animation Award of Merit
Animation: Advertising and Marketing/Promotional
INVIVO Communications The Science of Giving Award of Excellence
Animation: Medical-Legal
MediVisuals, Inc. Cervical Spine Injures, Gardner Wells Tongs Placement, Cervical Decompression and Fusion Award of Excellence
High Impact Mechanism of Injury: C5 Tetraplegia after Shallow Dive Award of Excellence
Interactive Media: Didactic/Instructional – Non-Commercial 
MediVisuals, Inc. Traumatic Brain Injury Digital Interactive Interface Award of Merit
Interactive Media: Didactic/Instructional – Commercial
XVIVO Scientific Animation Dental Biofilm, Dysbiosis & Disease Award of Merit
Simulators, Prosthetics and Sculptural Products
Alissa Eckert 3d Printed Gastroschisis Infant Award of Merit
Marcelo Oliver Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease Model Award of Merit
Elizabeth Weissbrod Medical Moulage Temporary Tattoos Award of Excellence




Student Best of Show
Lisa Qiu Novel HIV Vaccine Research and Development New Media Best of Show
Felix Donghwi Son Chronic Rheumatic Heart Disease New Media Best of Show
Didactic/Instructional – Anatomical/Pathological  
Zachary Kevorkian The Pediatric Inguinal Canal/Descent of the Testes and Cryptorchidism Award of Merit
Felix Donghwi Son Chronic Rheumatic Heart Disease Award of Excellence
Morgan Summerlin Pathway of the Greater Petrosal Nerve Award of Excellence
Colleen Tang Poy Unboxing the Bitterness: A Graphic Memoir Award of Merit
Jenny Wang Fornix and Related Structures Award of Merit
Didactic/Instructional – Surgical/Clinical Procedures
Weston DeWolff Radical Nephrectomy, Subcostal Approach Award of Excellence
Katharine Thompson Baerveldt Aqueous Shunt Insertion Award of Merit
Didactic/Instructional – Molecular/Biological/Life Sciences  
Amy Cao Biomimicry: Mimicking the Masters Award of Excellence
Aaron Cole Combating Insulin Deficiency in Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 Award of Excellence
Camille Kowalski White Nose Syndrome Award of Merit
Avesta Rastan The Cancer Paradox Award of Merit
Jamie Peterson Life Cycle of the Shield Shrimp Award of Merit
William Guzman, Jr. Nutty Noggin Award of Excellence
Shirley Long Using Light to Probe the Microscopic Award of Merit
Jamie Peterson Scent of Life Award of Merit
Felix Donghwi Son Virocop Award of Excellence
Alexander Young Lab Grown, Farm Fresh: Inside the Quest to bring lab-to-table and create slaughter-free meat Award of Excellence
Dani Bergey Transcription in Myc-Related Cancers Award of Excellence
Dani Bergey HiVolt: A Rapid HIV Viral Load Test Award of Merit
Alisa Brandt Morphology of Memory: The Anatomy of the Human Hippocampus Award of Merit
Cecilia Johnson In Vitro Fertilization – What Happens in the Lab? Award of Merit
Lucas Lin Deciphering Fossils with Ecomorphology Award of Excellence
Lisa Qiu Novel HIV Vaccine Research and Development Award of Excellence
Alexia Schill '3D Printing a Chemo Sponge' Award of Merit
Natividad Chen Kinundrum: a problem-based multimedia learning application for undergraduate kinesiology education Award of Excellence
Aimee Choi 3D Interactive Surgical Module on Orthognathic Osteotomies Award of Merit
Yue Liu An Interactive Website on Interpreting Adenovirus Transcription Map Award of Merit