Call for Submissions to AMI|2014 at Mayo Clinic

Meeting Dates: July 23-26, 2014 in Rochester, MN
Submissions Open: 11th November 2013
Submissions Deadline: 20th January 2014
Notification of Acceptance: 5th February 2014

The Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) is searching for the most incredible and compelling stories that illuminate the science of life. Stories like YOURS!

We're looking for artists, photographers, designers, scientific pioneers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, innovators, storytellers from around the globe to share their personal experiences and insights. Utilizing the unique environment of Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, we will work with you to provide the tools and support to help successfully transfer your knowledge to our knowledge-hungry AMI community.

From 20-minute talks (new this year) to panel discussions delivered from the main stage for all attendees to experience, as well as interactive workshops that demonstrate state-of-the-art techniques, AMI|2014 will offer a variety of options and support to help you deliver the intricacies of your work and the power of your story.

In addition to the areas where the AMI community has traditionally led the way - like the advancement of artistic techniques, biomedical and scientific visualization, technology development related to biomedical sciences, and business innovations, to name a few - we are also encouraging submissions focusing on the new ways in which people are enjoying media through mobile devices. If you're using a tablet, smart phone, or any other mobile device for augmented and virtual reality, medical education and interactivity, scientific or biomedical visualization, or anything else cool, please consider submitting your work to AMI|2014.

AMI|2014 - our 69th gathering - is your opportunity to step away from being just an observer, and play an active roll in creating history. We'll be looking forward to seeing your work in Rochester, MN.


Talks awill be the primary forum for sharing stories. We're aiming to present new techniques, novel applications of existing techniques, and engaging case-based stories that will be of interest to seasoned practitioners and students alike. The essence of what we're looking for in a talk is simple: it should be new, thought provoking, and inspiring to the AMI community.

Talks will be no more than 20 minutes long.

Talks can cover a broad base of subjects. Possibilities include novel projects (either completed works or works in progress), academic research, education and curriculum, technical developments, improved technique/production tools, business innovations, or business related commentary. Sales and/or marketing focused presentations are not appropriate for AMI|2014 Talks, and instead should be submitted to our Sponsorship Committee [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] for 2014 exhibitor consideration.


A Workshop experience should aim to be an inspiring resource for scientific or medical knowledge and/or a technical or artistic aspect of an AMI discipline shared in our community. Submissions can either introduce attendees to fundamental information, provide background material for more advanced topics, or present the state-of-the-art in a specific topic.

A Workshop may be either: a half-day (4 hours) or a full-day (8 hours).

You may submit multiple course proposals on the same topic (for example, a fundamentals course and a follow-up advanced topics course). In this case, you must clearly justify your requirements and learning objectives for both.


Panel discussions will provide a forum for interactive discussion, respectful disagreement and controversy, and audience interaction with panelists who are leading experts, entrepreneurs, and innovators in artistic techniques, biomedical and scientific visualization, technology related to biomedical sciences, and business practices.

An effective Panel will attempt to bring together the AMI community around a common interest and provide an interactive forum to discuss the topic from all sides. Panels should present information, and an experience and perspective that attendees couldn't get any other way. An effective panel is the kind of thing that makes attending the annual AMI conference really worthwhile.

Panels will be 40 minutes long.

The AMI|2014 conference committee will provide a moderator for all panels; you will suggest three or four panelists (which of course would include yourself) who likely have different experiences or perspectives. Please note, suggested co-panelists must be confirmed at the time of submission! The submissions jury makes panel decisions based on the proposed topic and suggested panelists, if the panelists have not been confirmed, the jury will not accept the panel.


General Program Areas for Submission

AMI|2014 will offer Talks*, Panels*, and Workshops sessions in five areas:

1. Artistic Techniques

- Both digital and traditional approaches to visual communication

2. Biomedical and Scientific Visualization

- Applications for translating complexities of biological and medical sciences into visual communications

3. Technology in Biomedical Sciences

- Innovations in science and medicine related to advancements in technology

4. Business Practices

- Current practices relating to the business of medical illustration, various legal issues/policies, and marketing innovations.

5. Mobile & Emerging Technologies

- Anything cool related to biomedical sciences

*Accepted Talk and Panel submissions may be categorized by separate themed program sessions once the program details are developed.


Submissions Requirements & Timeline

All submissions for AMI|2014 Talks, Panels, and Workshops must contain the following in order to be considered:

Submission Type (Talk, Panel, or Workshop)
Submission Title
Presenter Information (name, organization, mailing address, phone number, and email address)
A brief and well-written description of the story you hope to share (please, no more than 300 words)
Minimum of 2 well-defined learning objectives (what do you expect the attendee to learn from your shared expertise?)
Indicate the General Program area (from list of five above) that you believe your submission best fits.
List of confirmed panelists - name, organization, and email for each (Panel Submissions Only)
List of technology requirements (Workshop Submissions Only)

Please use the AMI|2014 Online Submission Form to submit your story idea no later than Monday, January 20, 2014 5:00PM CST. If you have questions about the submission process or the online form, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Please do not send submission information to AMI Headquarters.)

Submission acceptance and scheduling/planning information or rejection notices will be sent via email to all submitters on Wednesday, February 5, 2014.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your preliminary submission ideas, please reach out to the 2014 Conference Chair Bob Morreale at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..