Featured Videos AMI2014: At the heart of our profession are compelling stories.

Tales of cutting-edge medical procedures, newly discovered molecular processes, revealing scientific mysteries, and inspirational journeys fascinate us. Featured below are a selection of stories from the AMI2014 Annual Conference at Mayo Clinic. If you missed the meeting, all 35 videos are available in the Member Community. Join today!


Dr. Christopher Moir, pediatric surgeon at Mayo Clinic, recounts the valuable role medical illustrations played in helping a 70-person care team plan and execute the successful separation of conjoined twins.

Jodie Jenkinson, PhD, Assistant Professor in Biomedical Communications at the University of Toronto offers insight into the “do’s” and “don’ts” of information design with examples drawn from popular media.

Paleoartist Viktor Deak specializes in the forensic reconstruction of fossil hominids. He creates life-like, anatomically correct scientific reconstructions for museums, books, magazines, and television.

Vesalius Trust scholar, Brendan Polley of the University of Toronto presents his master's research project. Form & Function 3D uses a gesture-based depth sensor to interact with 3D models.