Forward-Thinking: Hiring a Medical Illustrator Could Save Your Publication From a “Backwards Brain.”


Medical illustrators around the world noticed the brain was placed in the head backwards in the full-page ad announcing a $50 million dollar gift to the University of Southern California (USC) Neuroimaging and Informatics Institute. Appearing in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Boston Globe and other major newspapers, it’s hard to imagine how a mistake of this magnitude could be made. The “backwards brain” could have been prevented by hiring a medical illustrator.

Members of the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) practice medical illustration and animation as professionals. They create visuals to explain complex procedures, to teach surgical technique, or to depict internal injuries to a jury. These and thousands of other medical illustrations created every day by specialized professionals are clear, informative, and accurate.

The AMI wholeheartedly supports the research at USC and other institutions and applauds the philanthropy support of this research. We encourage anyone who requires scientific or medical visuals to visit and hire a qualified professional.

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This press release was distributed to the AMI Press List on April 2, 2015.

The Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) is a key partner in the process of scientific discovery, medical education, and health and patient care throughout the world. The profession has evolved with today’s technologies in molecular visualization, animation, digital publishing, interactive media, mobile/web communications, imaging, health gaming, patient and surgical simulation, as well as virtual reality. AMI members are leaders in promoting the power of visual media to illuminate the science of life.

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