AMI Elects New Leadership & Adopts New 5-Year Plan

August 3, 2015

The Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) Annual Conference convened in late July at the Cleveland Clinic. The diverse members of the association who serve as visual communicators in healthcare, patient education, academia, research, animation, and countless other areas gathered to explore advancements, inspirations, and ideas in the dynamic fields of biomedical science and healthcare.

AMI 2015 was a big success as a record 463 medical illustrators gathered in Cleveland, Ohio for the 70th annual conference! We were thrilled to have a diverse representation of members with 150 students as well as members who have been with the association for over 50 and even 60 years.

5yearPlanEach year at the Annual Conference, the AMI recognizes the leaders who have shaped the organization. One of the major activities the Board of Governors undertook this year was the new five year Strategic Plan. This plan will serve as the guide for the Board's procedural, financial, and governmental decisions. In her President's Message, Cory Sandone introduced the Five Goals: Market our profession, Expand external alliances, Grow membership, Offer online education, and Engage volunteers.

Now that the plan is established, the Board is beginning work on online education, retaining and growing membership, and volunteerism.

The following Board members have served faithfully and dependably for several years and AMI is grateful for their service:

• Tonya Hines, Past President
• Joanne Haderer Muller, Past Chair
• Jodie Jenkinson, Governor
• Bob Morreale, Governor

We congratulate Kevin Millar who will remain on the Board for a new three year term after being elected at the Annual Meeting and to David Cheney, new Chair of the Board. AMI welcomes Wendy Hiller Gee as the President Elect.

The AMI Board of Governors is a group of dedicated individuals committed to setting a path of growth and progress for our association and the profession as a whole. It’s an honor to represent the diverse and uniquely talented members of our professional organization.