2018 Year in Review

As we begin 2019, it is a good time to reflect and give thanks for the hard work and creativity of our many colleagues who worked to advance our profession. To continue to take part in exciting programs and opportunities like these in the coming year, remember to renew your AMI membership by January 31.

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AMI 2018 Conference

AMI2018 Conference

Over 450 attendees gathered in Newton, MA for the 73rd Annual Meeting of the AMI. With the wide diversity and interests of our members, the sessions reflected the extensive impact our profession has on fields within science and art. We heard from leaders in our own field as well as invited scientists, physicians, designers, and educators from world-class Boston institutions and experts residing throughout the USA and across the pond.

AMI 2018 Conference

Online Learning

AMI hosted six webinars in 2018, enabling members to learn new skills/software and earn CEU credits for Certification. Webinars included: Depicting G Protein-Coupled Receptors, GPU Rendering with Redshift, Designing for Immersive Technology, Speeding Up Your Illustrator Workflow, Flinch: A Short How and Why Shocking Medical-Legal Illustrations Empower Justice, and Creating Organic Effects in Cinema 4D.

AMI 2018 Conference

Promoting the Profession

The AMI social media team engaged with the public and the broader #SciArt community growing our audience to over 5,000 Facebook and 2,800 Twitter followers in 2018. We also sponsored SciVizNYC, a biomedical visualization conference, and Images from Science 3, an international images exhibition. The Marketing Task Force continued their work to develop a comprehensive marketing plan to increase awareness of the profession.

AMI 2018 Conference

Mentor Program

Members at all stages in their career can benefit from mentorship. The AMI Mentor Program has expanded to include anyone who may want a mentor; not just new graduates. The program brings mentees together with mentors to provide a personal touch in answering questions about the AMI and the profession. Mentors share their experiences and career advice - as practicing professionals and leaders within the AMI.

AMI 2018 Conference


AMI remains diligent in voicing our member’s interests in copyright reform efforts in Congress. We provided comments to the Copyright Office on their proposed Registration Fee Increase. We helped lobby for introduction of the American Royalties Too (ART) Act 2018. On behalf of ASIP (American Society of Illustrators Partnership), the Artists Rights Society extended an invitation to US medical illustrators to join ARS and submit claims for their foreign reprographic royalties.

AMI 2018 Conference

News & Answers

Keep up-to-date with industry news via our online AMI News blog in the Members HUB. A new responsive format makes easier reading and commenting. Members get the same high-quality content on a timely basis, and past articles are archived and searchable. Read the Up & Coming and Inspiration & Recreation columns. Enjoy the Sketch Roundup of rousing drawings and cartoons. The HUB Forum is the hive-mind of the AMI — ask a question or post a software problem and get answers/advice from the over 850-member community.

AMI 2018 Conference

Research & Scholarship

The Journal of Biocommunications (JBC) published two issues this year with visualization research articles, Vesalius Trust poster abstracts, and galleries of amazing imagery. The JBC is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal whose mission is to disseminate research in visual media methods and strategies to improve life science communication. All articles are free to read for AMI members! Answer the call for papers at jbiocommunication.org

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