AMI Restricted Educational Fund

The Association of Medical Illustrators Restricted Educational Fund (AMI Fund) was established in 2013 to support professional continuing education activities of the AMI and its members. The AMI Fund will benefit the Association's current professional, associate, student and potential members, as well as provide education about the profession to the public and professional stakeholders.

Because biomedical visualization advances translation of life science research and medical discovery into visual media, our members require continuing medical and digital technology education. Monies from the AMI Fund will support conference speakers, fund educational seminars and workshops, support dissemination of conference proceedings, and underwrite online continuing education programs.

Your gift is fully tax deductible

Your generous contribution to the AMI Fund through the Vesalius Trust, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation, is entirely tax-deductible and a wonderful investment in the future of medical education and communication.

Send your check made payable to the Vesalius Trust with "AMI Restricted Educational Fund" in the Memo, to:

Jennifer Duckworth, Executive Director
The Association of Medical Illustrators
201 East Main Street Suite 1405
Lexington, KY 40507

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